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Worst Indian government agency - Indian Police

Most exploited group - Children - the most helpless in the society

In India most of the crimes against humanity is conducted with the blessings from Police. Indian police will accept money and without money or a political push police will not act. Police officers are most dreaded and most people are afraid to talk to them.

But wait, what has Indian government done to improve the policing? We can do a lot for our police departments - Pay the police well, create more transparency on police work, involve communities in police work, hire more woman cops. Where do we get the money for all these? - Need accountability. Create a system where people will pay income taxes. Today in India even an apartment or land can be bought on black money.

Instead of the entire police system of a state depending on a corrupt politician - Minister, let us have community involvement in police activities. Audit and supervise police work. Each police station must have community leaders like college principals, retired judges or social workers, monitoring the activities.

Learn from the west how western countries monitor police activities. No harm in learning good things and bringing in on the change to our police departments.

There is lack of accountability in India. Most of the poor people does not approach police. Poor people are afraid of police and court system, because a court case for a minor molestation case or a property dispute case will take 10 years to get a verdict. Police Station is often seen as a place for executing cruelty brutality and rape.

Indian Ladies has to play a part. Indian ladies have to come out. Child prostitution and child molestation is not going to stop until Indian ladies will take these matters into their hands. Do not be ashamed to complain against injustice including your husband and family. More you talk about injustice, less injustice will be done.

Let us create a community level police system as a supplement to present police system. Let us have more community involvement in police. Police must be made accountable. Let Indian government constitute a system to monitor police. Create a database to track repeat offenders, police rapists, bribes etc. Not just arresting the culprit, let us have a system to track and monitor as to what happens to the culprits. Public must be aware if you do a crime you will end up in jail and no way out. Today in India, any one can escape jail time of jump the bail, if you are ready to bribe the police even after conviction.

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