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Worst Indian government agency - Indian Police

Most exploited group - Children - the most helpless in the society

In India most of the crimes against humanity is conducted with the blessings from Police. Indian police will accept money and without money or a political push police will not act. Police officers are most dreaded and most people are afraid to talk to them.

But wait, what has Indian government done to improve the policing? In India two most money making powerful jobs are Police and Elected officials. Rich class need them every day.

Least respected profession in India is Lawyers. Unlike medicine a Law degree has no value. Because by definition (defined by British) access to legal help by common man is a problem for ruling class. For colonists that was a blessing. Common man did not know how to deal with legal system which was forced upon them by British. Our stupid Indian government still like that about British. If lawyers are given freedom, politicians will loose power. So lawyers profession is worthless in India. Getting a law degree is so easy in India because there is nothing much you can do with a law degree. Why is it so in India. The root cause to this problem is no access to legal help. In India, lawyers are only for rich people. Lawyers are not supposed to advertise. Lawyers are not allowed to market their services or accept contingent fees. In India lawyers are jokers. They have no job. So normally it is hared to get a lawyer to represent you. A poor person does not know where to get representation by a lawyer. So normally victim approach a Panchayath member who is the elected official in town for help. This elected official normally is the most corrupt person in town. The whole bribery starts with him. Police and elected officials work together to suppress the case. A lawyer is only available at the last moment when things get out of hand. Also this gives police a lot of time to manipulate the case. Along the way suicides, murders or attacks will happen and case will collapse altogether. Police is free of responsibility, rich man or politician is saved, every body gets paid well. So to keep people form over acting due to a rape of a kid is deny access to lawyer or legal help. Police becomes the lawyer and judge. This is how India is run So as long as Indians hold on to British (however in England lawyers are available to anyone within minutes) given ultimatum on lawyers and how lawyers must behave in India, then child rapes will happen, child murders will happen. Lawyers are only for rich people. Poor people will get raped and killed. Police will make money from culprits.  

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