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Indian Marriage and Indian food
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Date: August 25, 2021 10:27PM


For fifty percent of Indian woman who are poor, marriage is a contract with their husbands to be molested and raped.

So how about wealthy families and politicians marriages?

Indian marriages are built on one core principle in the bedroom. INDIAN FOOD AND ANAL SEX.

What does that mean? According to Indian customs all married woman MUST cook Indian Food according to their husbands tastes. If husband likes spicy then she must as well eat spicy food.

All married woman must respect her husband all times. Husbands needs and wishes must be met at any time. Normally an Indian woman is not supposed to talk while her husband is talking Nothing wrong with that. But there are some Indian woman who want to talk and sometimes talk back to their husbands. Those woman need to be tamed. That is where Anal sex plays a big role.

If you do not know never interfere in a fight between an Indian married man and a woman. Indian man can beat his wife. Wife belongs to the man in India.

That is the Indian law dude

Indian woman will normally give birth with 10 months after marriage. Normally she will produce 2 or 3 kids with first 2-3 years.

Then husband will loose interest in normal intercourse.

So after 3 or 4 years into marriage sex come to a stand still. But Indian food with herbs and spices are creating havoc every day.

This is when things get tricky. Wife due to the virtue of kids becomes more powerful and strong. She becomes opinionated. Wife talks about rape happening on the streets. Tells the husband you must do something to stop these rapes on Indian streets.

What????????????No Indian Husband can bear this. So what is the solution?

Anal Rape

Marital rape is not a crime in India. It is Ok to rape your wife in India

No Indian wife will ever call or tell any one about what happens in bed room. Normally in laws want to hear some screaming from their sons bedroom. That show their sons strength and suffering for daughter in law. (However recently due to various complaints Marital rape can get police attention nowadays. Police has no time to attend the rapes on the street. Do you think Police will attend an anal rape in bed room.)

So how does the Anal rape stop in bedroom

Maids to the rescue

Wife become weak and disoriented due to Anal rape and need help. Husband is Ok to keep 17 year old as maid at home to assist his beloved wife. Husbands family will find a nice young kid as maid. (In India almost 50% of people are poor and live day to day. So finding a maid is an easy task.)Anal rape in bed room stops immediately.

Husband is ok with the blowjobs

A marriage saved


It’s one of the biggest economies in the world and one of the most powerful members of the G-20 club. But India is not a country for women. Every hour a woman is killed. Mothers will abort when they know the gender of the baby, and many women in India will suffer every kind of humiliation and violence.

Some will be sold as sex slaves before they are 12 years old, others will be force to marry as soon as they have their first period. More will suffer beatings or will be raped by gangs without consequence, or burnt with acid by their own husbands following brutal cultural traditions. We travel to the most savage and archaic India. The one you can´t find on the touristic guides or at G-20 meetings.

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